March 6, 2008

Oh My Heck! Extreme Yo Gabba Gabba! Craftiness

If their rabidly crafty fans keep up this pace, Yo Gabba Gabba! may never need to bother putting out actual merchandise at all; instead they can be like PBS painting guru Bob Ross, making mad bank by selling raw materials--paints,...
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HAHAHAHA! "Luke... You're My Father"!

See, it's awesome because really, Vader is Luke's... uh, right then. Major maker geek Steve Lodefink is guestblogging on Mister Jalopy and Mark Frauenfelder's new blog, Dinosaurs and Robots. In other words, Flashlightsabers, Water Rocket Parties and Coconut Shell...
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Davy Lauterbach's Paintings Are Thursday's Child

Balk may be right that he left his interviewing A-game home, but then, Radar's not the likeliest place to be breaking news of new painters. Especially ones whose "gallery reps" are actually fashion stylists. Who've worked for Radar. Still,...
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Oof! BabyMod Olivia Crib At Wal-Mart Looks Familiar

Wal-Mart's got another set of modern-style nursery furniture. The first Modern Nursery collection they stocked from BabyMod wasn't really modern; the manufacturer, Million Dollar Baby [which also makes Da Vinci furniture], just went for a a Netto-in-a-fog look by...
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