March 5, 2008

This Is Not Your Father's Velcro Diaper Tab

Last time we heard from mad scientist Rob Cockerham, he was cataloguing all the machinery in the delivery room while his wife was doing the real work. [Oops, actually, that was the first time; the last time, he was counting the number of Cheerios in the box. And the time before that, he was sharing a Turkish instructional video on giving an epidural, but anyway, you get the point.]


Now that the kid's home--oh wait, that looks like an entirely other kid. Mazel tov!--now that he's a seasoned parent, Rob's spending time appreciating the little things he missed the first time around. And he's looking at them differently, but that's mostly because he's using this crazy Eyeclops supermagnifying camera toy. Anyway, did you know that the Velcro tabs on a disposable diaper are not Velcro at all, but a material called Microplast?

It's primary applications are:
* Diapers and hygiene products
* Abrasive drive systems
* Automotive construction

Discovering new Velcro Closures with the Eyeclops: Super Magnifying Camera [ via boingboing]
Fastener Systems - Microplast []
Previously: Sodium Polyacrylate: It's not just for diapers anymore
Malcolm Gladwell sniffs out the evolution of the disposable diaper

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Oh, thank you for the older link; that is the hospital where I had my daughter, and I did not exactly take a lot of time to look around.

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