March 5, 2008

They're There! Serena Kuhl's Poltergeist Stuffed Toys

poltergrab, originally uploaded by serenakuhl.

Freaking Awesome. I KNEW I shouldn't have blown off last fall's Plush You fair in Seattle. Damn.

Technically, the designer Serena Kuhl titled this iteration, "Poltergrab"; the Poltergoost models had the dude coming out of the Tee Vee about to his waist.

For more versions--none of which you can buy, sorry, slowpoke--check out Kuhl's site.

Pocti Toy Design: Evolution of Polgergoost [serenakuhl via craftzine]


That is so wrong. I'm 32 and my heart still involuntarily skipped a beat when I saw that. Poltergeist terrified me. I thought I was over it, but alas, perhaps not.

Thanks for the post DT! You can buy Poltergoosts, just not the lovely zigzag fabric you see before you. I've run out the and obscure Italian lycra provider that sold it to me is no more. The light blue version you can sometimes get at Pink Ghost in Ft Lauderdale and Kismet in New York just had some as well. Otherwise email me! (Please excuse the pluggig-ness:)

This is such a great site. This picture is awesome.
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