March 4, 2008

I'll Confess! Make It Stop! The Torture Device Coloring Book


Did you know the slippery slope applies to posting about oddball coloring books, too? Once you've posted about a few, you're stuck. And when something like Erik Ruhling's The Torture Device Coloring Book comes along, with its cheesy rhymes and uninhabited line drawings, you find your moral indignation is spent, your will is broken.

And you're left to complain about the anachronistic focus on old-timey torture, as if there's something wrong with all the new-fangled torture techniques we enjoy here in the Land of The Free. Also, hello, where is the Iron Maiden?

Or frankly, you can preview and screengrab the whole thing: The Torture Device Coloring Book, by Erik Ruhling, PDF download or print [ via boingboing]

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