March 3, 2008

Morigeau Lepine, Meet JC Le Penney


Sometimes you're the whacker, and sometimes you're the weed. The last time we saw the Quebecois crib powerhouse Morigeau Lepine mentioned on Daddy Types, they were hiding a flatout David Netto knockoff crib in the walled booth at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas.

Well, now the foot's on the other--karma's a bitch, and then you-- oh, what the hey, the Morigeau Lepine 9000 [catchy name, eh?], a convertible crib/bookcase combo, which I just saw at BuyBuyBaby for $1,439 [conversion kits extra], has been knocked off by Sweet Pea, and is for sale at JC Penney for just $399. In fact, at the moment, it's $50 off that price, just $349.


It's described as "crib is solid hardwood," which leads my newly suspicious mind to think the "bookcase" is made out of sawdust and glue, MDF, or some combination thereof. Still, $1,090 is quite a spread.

Sweet Pea Modern Crib, on sale at JC Penney online, $349+s/h [ via ohdeedoh]


I just bought a Morigeau crib to go with our Morigeau dresser. It was ridiculously expensive (900$) and probably the JC Penney one is just as good (damn I didn't know.) However, it does feel like super high-quality worksmanship, the way the drawers roll on the dresser, the way the side drops on the crib. I'm really pleased by its sturdiness as well as its aesthetics.

[Morigeau's one of those old-school furniture maker types; I'm not surprised. The crib I saw in BBB yesterday looked like it was built like a tank. -ed.]

OK, my Morigeau-L├ępine Crib was just destroyed by my 2 year old.... He pulled the slats right out and them cracked them... WHERE do I get an email for this company, I have to send pictures to them. CC

They went out of business last fall. here's the story.

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