March 1, 2008

Gravitation, The Work-Family Video Game, By Jason Rohrer

I am so glad stuff like this exists; it's really spectacular, in a quiet, off guard way that I never would have imagined. Jason Rohrer created Gravitation, his latest autobiographical video game [?!] out of the sudden, overwhelming response...
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Yes, This Will Be On The Exam: Children's TV Show Character Names

With the news that J. Lo and M. An [doesn't work?] have named their twins Max and Emme, I think it behooves those who already have kids to list up the names of current children's TV show characters, just so...
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DT Advertisers Love Your Kid's Mohawk

Thanks to the Daddy Types advertisers who support the kids' educations without complaining once about their haircuts. If you have a product or a service, an event or an organization that new dads and their posse should know about, consider...
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