February 29, 2008

So Let It Be Written

Baby names can come at you in the most unlikely places:

Nina Foch married James Lipton, eesh, and also long ago played the woman who found baby Moses in "The Ten Commandments." The kid, Taliesin Jaffe (!!!), went on to be an English-language anime director.
Madeline Kahn ABC Pilot “Chameleon,” 1986 [choiresicha.com]

UPDATE: So let it be written, so let it be factchecked.

Taliesin Jaffe was born in 1977, 21 freaking years after Nina Foch [playing Bithia] found Moses in The Ten Commandments. Baby Moses was in fact played by Fraser Clarke Heston, Charlton Heston's just-born son.

Don't feel badly for Taliesin, though; he was the little brother in--Great Caesar's Ghost!--Mr. Mom.


LOL, Chad and I know Taliesin. I'll have to pass this along.

[so let it be done. As soon as I saw you kids knew him, I realized he must be way too young to have been in The Ten Commandments. I have no idea where Choire got that factoid. -ed.]

As folks are obviously not Welsh or ancient Welsh poetry scholars, my only thought is that must be Frank Lloyd Wright fans.

My girl cousin is named Taliesin too...she pronounces is Tah-LIE-ah-SIN. I've known her so long, it seems incredibly normal to me :)

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