February 26, 2008

DT Followups: Outsized Efforts Edition

Here are some follow-ups to recent posts on DT:

From the NYT report that after spending several years and millions of dollars, Korean scientists have developed space kimchi:

Ordinary kimchi is teeming with microbes, like lactic acid bacteria, which help fermentation. On Earth they are harmless, but scientists feared they could turn dangerous in space if cosmic rays and other radiation cause them to mutate.
So does that mean the babies of female astronauts are more likely to have eczema? Do Korean women double up on kimchi when they're pregnant? [Given the complexity of Korean babycare traditions, I wouldn't be surprised.]


And speaking of incredible exertions for dubious payoffs: thanks to my wife's brave expedition to the suburbs over the weekend, I've temporarily shelved plans to custom-manufacture several thousand white replacement components for our Playtex Ventaire bottles. TURNS OUT PLAYTEX MAKES WHITE VENTAIRE BOTTLES. They're called Playtex Ventaire Advanced bottles, and they come in white, cream, and light pink. [hey, 2 out of 3] Now I can turn my attentions to sourcing some replacement bottles in non-carcinogenic, handblown, tempered glass. Stay tuned.


While we're on the subject of older, Standard Developmentally Delayed Ventaires, it's not a relief to know my fixation with bottle color is not just my problem. The online retailer TeeBop.com apparently breaks up Ventaire bottle sets and repackages the bases and rings in matching colors. Freaks.

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Teebop purchases all available parts used to assemble all of the Playtex bottles and cups, packages them and offers them for sale. We do not break up bottle sets. As a matter of fact when we can get them we offer them for sale as well.

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