February 25, 2008

What, Me Worry? Plastic Bozart Dollhouse Market Is Meltdown-Proof!


I don't care if they're New In Box. If you buy these two Bozart Kaleidoscope dollhouses for $3200 or more, we need to talk.

Well, let me qualify that: we need to talk if you have some unique and far-reaching insights into the state of the mod collectible dollhouse market that makes astronomical prices like this seem reasonable.

If, on the other hand, $3,200 is like, what, half of what the wine cost the other night, what's the big deal? I don't need to hear from you. I lived on the Upper East Side. I know what you were thinking.

Incredible TWO NIB Bozart Kaleiiscope Houses! Mint, auction ends Feb. 27, opening bid $3000+200 s/h [ebay via dt reader mark]

Previously: Last month a MIB Bozart shipped for $1048, and another didn't sell for $2000. Just saying.

1 Comment

If you want to sell one, i can do that, or 2 if you are serious. Please let me know.

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