February 25, 2008

"Don't Talk Back To Darth Vader. He'll Getcha!"

A dad from fistofblog taped his daughter's retelling of Star Wars. Obviously, he did the right thing by showing her Episode IV first.

850,000 views in two days? wow: Star Wars according to a 3 year old. [fistofblog's youtube channel]

previously: Introducing the kid to Star Wars


I've recently gotten a Talking To from my wife regarding letting our 3 1/2 year old watch Star Wars.

She coulda been a YouTube star!

[i still can't imagine a 3yo watching aunt beru and uncle owens' charred corpses smoking on the desert sand -ed.]

I caught daddy watching tv with our 4-next-week daughter:

"is it too scary?"
"no, don't change it. is she sucking his blood? is he dead?"

Blade III. She thought Parker Posey was "soooo beautiful, mommy!"

Daddy got a scolding, btw.

Well, obviously, I had to skip some parts...

Eh, at 3 your brain just sort of skips over the charred remains. I went to see Jedi the first week it was released. I think my overall impression (I was 2.5 or 3) was "wow! cool lasers! Ewoks are cute"

A far more dangerous age is about 6 or 7. Then they actually get what's going on. That's why I'll watch CSI reruns while feeding the babies, but Daddy got flack for letting the 6 year old stay up to watch Terminator 2.

I think the heading should be the quote of the decade. Out of the mouths of babes indeed.

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