February 24, 2008

DIY Dad-To-Be Loses Study, Gains Sweet Oeuf-like Built-in Crib


First comes love,
then comes marriage,
then comes someone losing his home office to the new baby.

This time, it's a dad-to-be and hardcore DIY'er named Jason, who is filling flickr with updates on the transformation of a narrow study in his narrow 19th century townhouse into a nursery. There's the stripping, refinishing, and changing tablification of his wife's family heirloom dresser, which looks satisfying, but is pretty straightforward.

More intriguing is the lucky coincidence of the room's dimensions: at 53 inches wide, it's really more of a nook--a nook that happens to be exactly the right size to hold a crib mattress, but not a crib. So Jason is building a platform crib with drawers underneath. Three walls of the crib are accounted for. For the fourth, he routed out of a sheet of low-VOC MDF, giving a stylistic shoutout to the Oeuf that wouldn't fit anyway.

Fellow handyman types at Toolmonger think the tiny slip of the router on the last corner of the last cutout will make the crib that much more special when it gets passed down from generation to generation. Considering it's a built-in, I'm not sure how that'll work. Which doesn't mean it's not the crib equivalent of Cindy Crawford's mole. Just that the time to appreciate the handmade imperfection is here and now.

Cheezit's Crib photoset on delfuego's flickr stream [flickr via toolmonger, thanks dt reader john]

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Greg, I was going to send you a link to this project when Jason finished! He and I have been chatting about it for a couple months and it looks like it'll be another week or two before the crib rail is installed and painted. btw, Jason is the old school blogger that used to house my metafilter server in his closet (the doors of which he built, painted, and installed himself).

[lol, i've been watching and waiting for a picture of the room so i could post about it. but it was only now that i checked delfuego's profile and found the jason of q.queso.com connection. felt like 2001 all over again. -ed.]

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