February 21, 2008

Signs Of The Merchalypse: Yo Gabba Gabba! At The NY Toy Fair

I didn't make the NY Toy Fair this year, and it's probably just as well; the sheer volume of plastic, beeping, exploitative crap would likely send me into a new baby funk, and then I'd only be posting angry takedowns of stuff for the next couple of weeks. Besides, I can still sit back--with a kid and a bottle on my knee--and watch the blogs fill with NYToyFair08 tagged entries.

Like they're going to be doing at Non-Toxic Reviews soon. NTR correspondent Mr. Stinkhead spotted some new Yo Gabba Gabba! merchandise due out this fall from one of the [presumably many, many, many] licensees.

Included in the impending barrage: these YGG! bathtub squirters. Finally, someone in R&D realized that the only thing a rubber duck is good for is squirting water out of its butt. Don't worry about lead or phthalates or whatever makes the PVC so chewably soft; I'm sure the black ooze will get you long before then.

Toy Fair 2008 - Yo Gabba Gabba Toys [nontoxicreviews, thanks andy]
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