February 21, 2008

Whoa, Bold Move: Kid-Sized "Mini Eames" Chairs From Park Life

Now there is a bold, trademarky move. Anyone can make a scaled-down kid's version of classic Eames designs like the molded ply DCM chair and the fiberglass shell rockers; in fact, I'd argue that it's a crime no one--*cough...
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Kid O Products: Kid O Goes Public With Sweet-Looking Toy Line

Well, there's one thing I regret about not going to the Toy Fair: I missed the public debut of Kid O's new toy collection. Since first catching wind of it last summer, I've been stoked, waiting to see these...
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Offecct Playhouse: Toys For The Office

Kidsmodern has a report from the Stockholm Furniture Fair that's worth checking out. It includes some new pieces from the Danish folks at Collect Furniture, but the idea that caught my attention is the Playhouse set by Andres Breitholtz...
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30 Years Of Studies: Tell That Kid To Grow A Brain!

I think we all know by now that praising a kid for being smart or talented instead of for working hard will doom them to failure--or even worse, a state school--when they're older. [And by "we," I mean people who...
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What Does Daddy Do With All His Playmobil?

Finally, Mr. Stinkhead has figured out what to do with his massive Playmobil collection while his son is still in the Serious Choke Hazard Stage. he set up little dioramas, took some pictures, and made a little book called,...
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The Diaper Champ Does No One Any Good In The Basement

Youngblood's an architect who recently moved his family of four into the house they just built in Maine. He blogged about the construction and challenges of the modern project, which was inspired by the traditional form of a Native...
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Signs Of The Merchalypse: Yo Gabba Gabba! At The NY Toy Fair

I didn't make the NY Toy Fair this year, and it's probably just as well; the sheer volume of plastic, beeping, exploitative crap would likely send me into a new baby funk, and then I'd only be posting angry takedowns...
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