February 20, 2008

The Lagondawagon @ Jalopnik's Maximum Wagon Day


In high school, I would have sold my family--or at least my siblings--for an Aston Martin Lagonda. [Yeah, I was screwed up; fortunately, I never had the chance to make such a dumb deal. Not only did my siblings turn out not to be as useless as I thought, but Lagondas turned out to be the fastest depreciating Aston Martins EVER. You can buy one now for less than the price of a Passat, maybe even a Jetta. Of course, it's probably costs the same amount every time you change the oil or change those fat tires the tires. But enough about me...]

So anyway, Jalopnik's been getting the station wagon religion of late, and today turns out to be Maximum Wagon Day, whatever that is. If it means digging up more rides like this Lagonda Wagon coachbuilt by Roos Engineering [E pillars??], I'm all for it. Just look at this rear hatch:


Roos Engineering's Aston Martin Lagonda Shooting Break [pestalozzi.net via jalopnik]
A: Duh. Maximum Wagon Day Q: Are Station Wagons Cool? [jalopnik]


Holy Crap!

I'm in love! What a crazy car. Makes my Saab wagon look downright tame

Chrysler recently decided to kill the Dodge Magnum which has a similar rear hatch: http://images.motortrend.com/roadtests/sedan/112_0401_first_chry_04s+2005_dodge_magnum+open_cargo_rear_side_view.jpg

Jiminy Crickets. And I thought learning to parallel park on our Pontiac grand safari estate wagon was bad. How long is that thing? I bet the rear view mirror is mostly the interior.

Yikes! That's one ugly car. It looks as if somebody stretched it in Photoshop.

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