February 20, 2008

Indiana Jones And The Out-Of-Control Toy Licensee


It's Toy Fair Week, and there's a new movie coming out. So I have to assume these are real, and that Hasbro expects preschool-age children actually will play with a Nazi dressed up as a Jewish priest; and an Ark-protecting ghost waiting to melt his flesh from off his bones; and a Thuggee high priest clutching a still-beating heart of his sacrificial victim. Wow.


New York Toy Fair: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Toys That are Kind of Blowing My Mind [toplessrobot.com]


Technically, Belloq is not a Nazi, but a Frenchman working for them. But yeah, point taken.

[damn, back-to-back errors on Raiders AND Star Wars: it's like I wasn't even alive in the 80's. -ed.]

[update: because Empire came out in 1980, and Jabba was not in Ep. 4 when I saw it, because I'm not counting that goofy CG scene Lucas stuck in later. -ed.]

We just got the new Lego catalog and it features both Star Wars and Raiders playsets. I love the boulder that chases Indy!

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