February 20, 2008

A Long Time Ago In A Star Wars Tie-In Pitch To Pepsi Far, Far Away


I think we can all agree that, in retrospect, a Jabba the Hutt beanbag chair would have sold far more Pepsi than a life-size mannequin of Jar Jar Binks, even though Jabba wasn't even in Episode One [d'oh, I've been served, and rightly so. -ed.]. Toy designer Jason Geyer tells about just a few of the hundreds of promotional product ideas he and his colleagues came up with as part of a Pepsi Star Wars tie-in campaign.

In our galaxy right now and right close, where there's Darth Vader dog food, it's hard to imagine Lucas Licensing turning down any idea; but Pepsi only wanted Ep. 1-related items that boosted its presence at retail, and so the Death Star Grill is lost to us. Ditto the Han in Carbonite Mini-Fridge.

If the idea of vacuum molding that fridge door in the kitchen is somehow too daunting, there is no reason every rocker in every nursery in the world couldn't have a homemade AT-AT Chair Caddy next to it. Just give it a few weekends. Brilliant.


Rejected! A long, long time ago… [actionfigureinsider.com via toplessrobot]
Previously: the homebrew AT-AT stroller


Uh... Jabba was in fact in Episode One. He was the host of the pod race that dominated 64 minutes of the movie.

[d'oh, of course. I'd blocked all of E1 out of my mind. -ed.]

If only they had actually created that Jabba beanbag chair. Then all I would have needed to do is convince the wife to slip into the Leia bikini of my prepubescent dreams, and all would finally be right in my sad little world. If only.

[there is another. or at least one. -ed.]

I was going to comment on the Jabba-bag, but I like Dan's thinking in his comment.

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