February 19, 2008

All The IVF Twins News That's Fit To Print, And Then Some

Last week, the Trouble With Twins was all about getting into preschools on the Upper West Side and double stroller gridlock at Fairway. This week, it's all oocytes and comparative genomic hybridization.

From the NY Times' apparently weekly series of articles on what to to about all these IVF twins.

Mentioned: some possible procedures for improving success rates so that some day, single embryo transfer will make sense. Also, twins aren't that big a deal.

Umentioned: the marketing motives of clinics who want to keep their success rates up; any consideration of government oversight; policy changes in European governments to mandate single embryo insertion/cycle; the fact that those countries also cover the cost of IVF.

Lowering the Odds of Multiple Births [nyt]

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