February 16, 2008

D'oh, I Missed Manhattan: Suh-Weet Reissued Jim Flora Print


Gotta figure out a way to break into the cabal of illustrators who got early word on this incredible print by the late, great Jim Flora. It's an archival reissue of an original multicolor woodblock print of Manhattan from 1954, which Flora's estate has published in an edition of 25. The first five blew out on eBay in less than 90 minutes; they were $200, but the price will step up for subsequent batches.

It's been almost exactly a year since we discovered Flora, who made a name for himself with jazz album covers before he started illustrating children's books. His 1955 debut, The Fabulous Fireworks Family has become one of the kid's and my steady bedtime favorites, despite the old-fashioned wordiness [I've got my edited version down pretty well by now.]

A print like this would be an awesome addition to the kids' collection, so I'll be watching the estate's eBay postings regularly for the next--but wait, what's this I see in the eBay description?

The original Manhattan woodcut was carved by Flora around 1954. The original edition was not numbered, and we do not know how many prints were struck from the original block. A dozen original hand-colored prints remain in the Flora collection. These are not presently being offered for sale. (The original block cannot be located; consequently there will be no new relief prints struck of this work.)
Ah well, then, I just need to get on the prowl and/or the waitlist.

Watch for Manhattan and see other goods at the Jim Flora eBay Store[ebay via fantagraphics]
Oh wait, the next five, Nos. 16-20, just went on sale at JimFlora.com. $200 + slowpoke tax of $75 [jimflora.com]

Previously: Jazzy Kids Book By Jim Flora: The Day The Cow Sneezed

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that is awesome

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