February 16, 2008

NYT: The Boynton Industrial Complex Is Our Own Damn Fault

Holy Moley. The woman who runs the whimsical world from her 100-acre Connecticut farm, Sandra Boynton, has just one assistant, that's it. She has sold a half billion copies of over 4,000 greeting cards. If they were stacked on...
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Flora You Didn't Miss Yet: Primer For Prophets Alphabet

While poking around the Jim Flora Store on eBay, I found another interesting, new release that's worth a mention in these here nursery-friendly parts: modern silkscreen editions of a rare promotional booklet that Flora did in 1954 for CBS...
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D'oh, I Missed Manhattan: Suh-Weet Reissued Jim Flora Print

Gotta figure out a way to break into the cabal of illustrators who got early word on this incredible print by the late, great Jim Flora. It's an archival reissue of an original multicolor woodblock print of Manhattan from...
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Kid Frost & Kid

Here is a quaint dittie from back in the day, an ambitious Mexican fellow by the name of Arturo Molino, Jr., from Los Angeles sings about the responsibility and pride of being a father, and how he does everything...
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In NYC? Go See Guy Ben-Ner's Videos At Postmasters TODAY

We'll talk about it later, but today, Saturday, is the last day to see Guy Ben-Ner's show at Postmasters Gallery, 459 West 19th Street [near 10th Ave.] So hustle. Ben-Ner's an at-home dad who makes his art with his...
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