February 15, 2008

Wow, Toy Quinny Zapp, Complete With Mini-Cosi


DT reader Kim just linked to this in the Miniboo post below. It's an honest-to-goodness toy version of the Quinny Zapp. To make up for the fact that it doesn't have the same folding mechanism as the full-size Zapp, the toy includes a mini bassinet and a mini Maxi-Cosi [a Mini-Cosi?] car seat. Of course, if it DID fold like the real thing, you could probably put it in your iPod pocket.

Maxi-cosi combi dolls pram travel system , £38.00 [littlewoodsdirect.com, thanks kim]


The "mini" and the "maxi" cancel each other out. It is just a "cosi".

[which reminds me, it's time for lunch -ed.]

but the real question is does it rattle as much as the full size? :-)

Darn it, there is shipping only in the UK. I really, really want one of these Zapp toy strollers!

Anyone wants one of these, they have them at TRU right near our house so I could easily pick one up and mail it over.

Well I sure do want one! TRU where???

Oh my goodness. Please, please bugaboo people, make one of these!

This is soooo cute ! just got the real one for myself but my daughter would love this one ! does anyone know where i could get one in Australia ?

I got one left and can sell it via ebay with paypal payment email me if you are intersted

divine davinci at hotmail . com

of course use no spaces as the site would not let me post email address here..

me again.. from the previous post.

the email address should be

divine davinci @ hotmail . com

no spaces


Yes i want this for my little girl!!!

Wendy from the Netherlands.

Oh dear! How cute! I have tried Littlewoods but they do not sell it anymore!!! Anyone has info on where to find one?

HELP - desperately looking for one of these -any ideas??

omg!!! how ace are thay my little girl wants one so bad eny out there know where to get one please.

ı want to buy quinny zapp, but ı dont know what should ı do?
could you inform me ?

hiya..i am after one of these sets..please can somebody help me please???

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