February 15, 2008

LAT: BREAKING People Buy House, Boon High Chair, In California


The LA Times has a nice article about a mini-renaissance of interest in the architecture of William Krisel. His butterfly-roofed, open-plan tract homes brought affordable modernism to Palm Springs in the 50's. Now his work is being reissued, so to speak, by some developers who have contracted Krisel to build new, up-to-code versions of his original 1955 plan.

For the LA couple with the new baby who bought the first New Krisel, it's the perfect combination: classic modern design, no old house headaches. The developers' original plan calls for 493 more to be built, but something tells me the Palm Springs Target won't need to pre-order 493 more celebratory Boon high chairs just yet.

Modern's Everyman [latimes, via materialicio.us]

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