February 15, 2008

Abercrombie & Fists: Pregnant Drunk Attacks Unhelpful Barmaid

It was last call, 1:30 AM Saturday morning, when Keisharra Larae Abercrombie, 30, of Rochester, NY PA flew into a rage and started throwing stuff at the bartender who refused to serve her another drink because she was too drunk--and too pregnant [seven months] Here's a montage of details from the various reports:

[Bartender Ricki] Shields told Abercrombie, also known as Keshar Moon, that she was “shut off” and needed to leave the Adams Street bar because she already had enough to drink.

Plus, Shields said she told the woman that she shouldn’t be drinking anyway since she was visibly pregnant.

Police said Abercrombie retorted: “(Expletive), you don’t tell me what to do.”

The woman threw a bottle at Shields, bashing it on her ear and head, Shields said. She also leaned over the bar and smashed a glass over Shields’ head and threw a tossed salad down the bartender’s shirt.

“Anything she could get her hands on that was on the bar was on me."

Witnesses told police that Abercrombie also threw bar glasses at Shields. Anthony Williams, a bar patron, had to stop Abercrombie from climbing over the bar to get at Shields, police said.

Shields' ear was partly severed in the attack, and she had to go to Pittsburgh for plastic surgery to reattach it.

It's always the little details like the AKA's and the tossed salads and the image of a seven-months pregnant drunk scrambling over a bar that make these otherwise depressing stories so much fun to write about. Let's all raise a glass to the local beat reporters of this fine nation. I said gimme a glass, (Expletive)!

Bartender attacked by pregnant patron [Beaver County Times & Allegheny Times Online via obscurestore, thanks dt reader ponch]
Bartender’s accused attacker arrested [ibid]


Maybe she should move to Roanoke?


[I love that picture. I never read the followup, where the local columnist wrote about the furor, then went to see what the pregnant mom thought. And she came to the door with a cigarette in her hand. -ed.]

Well, hey, I guess on the bright side it's not everybody who can brag about having spent a night in the drunk tank prior to even being born.

Clearly it is the potential volatility of parents (and, it appears, expectant parents) that the folks at Union Hall in Brooklyn are concerned about.

I believe you meant Rochester, PA (not Rochester, NY)

[nope, I meant Rochester NY. I was just wrong. thanks. -ed.]

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