February 14, 2008

Victoria's Secrets To Successful Parenting


The NYT's critical shopper column this week takes on the giant Victoria's Secret across from Macy's, "a slick, two-story mega-sexopolis, catering mainly to the boudoir needs of angry tourists." It's pretty damn funny [though I'm crying for America on the inside.]

Here's an unexpected bit of advice for parents who worry about the day their daughter outgrows the wholesome girly goodness of, say, Club Libby Lu:

Upstairs, the jailbait orgy is in full swing. “Pink” squeal the bottoms on an entire wing of sorority-style underpants and slumber-sportswear. Mamas, don’t let your babies go to the Royal Academy of Pink. After all, one of the primary goals of parenthood, to paraphrase Chris Rock, is to keep your daughter “off the pole.”
But then how's she supposed to pay for college?


On the bright side, it looks like you get a free Mini Dog with any Pink Purchase, offer expires Mar. 10
Chug-a-Lugging Aphrodisiacs [nyt]


Cintra Wilson is always awesome. Check out her blog "The Dregublog" at cintrawilson.com.

theyare so cute

I don't understand. are you saying that underwear and pajama stores shouldn't exist? this entire blog prides being judgmental, arrogant, smug, and controlling over letting your daughter spend a day getting her hair and makeup done at club libby lu. you seem to brush off every comment about your kids resenting you in the future, but they all seem pretty spot on to me. I'm 15, and I know the girl who isn't allowed to go to the mall with her friends because her parents think she'll go to victoria's secret, the girl who's parents roll their eyes and change the channel when she tries to watch america's next top model with her friends. as a result of her overprotective and controlling parents, she's a bitter outsider. please don't do that to your children.

lol. you are a mall-going, corporate-brand-hugging mutant. if the kid really wants a makeover somewhere when she's 15, fine. it won't be at some skanky mall kiosk turning out trampy-looking drill team clones.

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