February 14, 2008

Zappa Plays With Zappa At Zappa Plays Zappa

Haven't been keeping up on what Dweezil Zappa's doing these days, but here's a short clip from a Stockholm gig of his show, Zappa Plays Zappa. At the opening, he introduces his daughter Zola to the crowd. Zola Frank...
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Ay Caramba! Behold, El Miniboo

Though I've blocked the pain from my mind, longtime readers of DT may be familiar with the trials of the original Mini-boo, the toy-sized Bugaboo I tried to make one Christmas from one of those Riesenthel picnic baskets at...
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NYT: BREAKING Having A Kid Changes Glass Coffee Tables, Things

So I read in the newspaper tha having both a kid and nice furniture can be a challenge. Has anyone else heard of this? For example, these new-fangled Noguchi coffee tables have glass tops, and "Barcelona chairs" are like "razor...
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Victoria's Secrets To Successful Parenting

The NYT's critical shopper column this week takes on the giant Victoria's Secret across from Macy's, "a slick, two-story mega-sexopolis, catering mainly to the boudoir needs of angry tourists." It's pretty damn funny [though I'm crying for America on...
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A Message For Those Who Choose To Babywear: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

You sick of the gear-heavy, alienating inconvenience of the stroller/swing/playpen combo that 150+ years of Anglocentric parenting culture foists on us all, and you want to try some of that practical, bonding-friendly, elemental goodness of wearing your baby instead? Fine,...
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