February 11, 2008

DT Headline Browser Tab Roundup

Some interesting things that, given nannies enough and time, might have been full-blown posts [Also things which reveal that I'm probably in a rut, source-wise, extra reading feels like an unaffordable luxury at the moment]:

  • Famous Industrial Designer Tucker Viemeister overexplains why he likes Caroline Pratt's Unit Blocks better than Froebel Gifts. Also, Frank Lloyd Wright already called dibs on the Froebel blocks. Guess now we know what happens to designers' boldly named children who are brought up obsessing over design.
    Long Before Legos, Wood Was Nice and Did Suffice [nyt]

  • Are in vitro twins out? Non-specific advances in in vitro technology, and a growing awareness that other countries are taking different, non-industry-driven approaches to fertility treatments may mean that the recent/current boom of twins is just a phase. Says one Upper West Side mother of twins. Other surefire sign the trend is over: it's reached the Upper West Side.
    For an Era of Twins, the End May Be Near [nyt]


  • The Honda Accord station wagon's not dead after all; it's just undergoing cold-weather testing in Sweden. Awesomeness above via the spymasters at Temple of VTEC [vtec.net via jalopnik]

  • This just in, Poughkeepsie man Landocalrissian Butler, 27, was arrested for--does it really matter? [poughkeepsie journal via kottke]

  • 1 Comment

    I had already read this post once; so glad I scrolled down today and caught the update about Landocalrissian Butler. Wow.
    So, does being christened Landocalrissian increase the chances that 27 yrs later you will be involved in a car chase while in possession of a pocketful of cocaine?

    [or that you'd sell out your friends to save your city? -ed.]

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