February 6, 2008

Breast Is Best?


So an unidentified local new mom who appears to be a strong advocate of breasfeeding walks into a Best Buy--which is decorated with giant posters of herself...

If you can actually manage to look at her face for a second, maybe you can tell me if her drugged sneer is real, or just painted on.

Christina Aguilera Best Buy [thesuperficial.com via an alarmingly large number of people. Leave Uma Alone!!]


Face? Hold on, hold on.. not there yet...

The guy's commentary to go along with this is pretty funny in itself. but maybe that's just a parent's perspective.

The poor woman had twins, didn't she? Geez, give her a break as she looks more desperately sleep deprived than anything.

[huh? I thought JLo was having twins. CA just looks like she's smuggling them -ed.]

breastmilk: nature's boob job.

Who needs breast implants when breast feeding is the natural way....

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