February 6, 2008

Breast Is Best?

So an unidentified local new mom who appears to be a strong advocate of breasfeeding walks into a Best Buy--which is decorated with giant posters of herself... If you can actually manage to look at her face for a...
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Buckminster Fuller's Kiddie Koop Crib Revealed! Or, Uh, Someone's

Yeah, so I bought the book the Buckminster Fuller Master Index credits Bucky's crib design to: the all-new 1946 edition of Louise Zabriskie's parenting handbook, Mother & Baby Care in Pictures. Sure enough, there's the Kiddie Koop in all...
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So Much For That Whole Wii Exercise Thing

Kottke links to a collection of timelapse videos of people playing Wii, including this one of a guy golfing while holding a baby the whole time: Time Lapse Wii Videos [oobject.com, which is related to yokiddo.com]...
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DT Headline Roundup: A Good Meal, A Little Massage, & A Minivan Edition

Or, what's in my browswer tabs: If You Give A Baby A Protein Shake... Thirty years ago, researchers in Guatemala wanted to test the impact of high nutrition and protein intake on preschool growth and development, so they gave fortified...
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High-End Auction Therapy, Maybe: Renata Mueller's Therapeutic Toys

Around 1969 and into the 70's Renata Mueller [that Müller, with an umlaut, btw] designed a collection of therapeutic toys with a former instructor, Helene Haeusler, for the venerable German teddy bear manufacturer, H. Josef Leven. Based in the...
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Alright, I'll Take The Nestt Plunge

Several people have sent in tips from all over for the Nestt car seat concept by Chicago-based industrial design firm think/thing. In fact, one of the architect designers emailed me a couple of weeks ago, interested in my thoughts...
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