February 3, 2008

All Hail Poesy, Crown Princess Of The Internet

High five to Cory Doctorow of BoingBoing and Alice Taylor of Wonderland, who have demonstrated that sci-fi nerdery and video game-blogging are not only able to reproduce, they know how to name the bejeebies out of a baby:

I am ecstatic to announce a new Happy Mutant on the scene: Poesy Emmeline Fibonacci Nautilus Taylor Doctorow. Hatched at home, in a pool, this morning, in London, weighing 9 lbs and 6 oz. All bits correct and accounted for. Already stolen the hearts of all who see her.

Consider me on paternity leave until further notice

Those Londoners, always flaunting their paternity leave. If you'd like to get a gift, they are registered at Sourceforge.net.

Fine News [boingboing]
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1 Comment

Man, we're gonna have to come up with something grand for Xavier Thompson Aspinwall Cougar Traver Adolphus's as-yet-unconceived sibling.

9 pounds 6 ounces! That better be Inperial pounds.

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