February 1, 2008

Other Graffiti Coloring Book, Er, Colouring Book


The Graffiti Coloring Book featured here last fall, which was put out by the Fakeproject Corporation of America, has its strengths. It provides eager young taggers with truck- and mailbox-shaped tabulae rasae on which to practice their craft.

But how does one learn the rich legacy of street art in the first place? Something's missing: and that something is you. Or 'U,' anyway. The Street Art Colouring Book [with a "u"] by William Warren is a tutorial verite of street art styles, created in situ around London by the VOP Crew, and then rendered in black & white outline so that your kid can add the final, colouring touches.

In addition to teaching the lettering basics from Throw-up to Wildstyle, crewmembers provide practical tips and inspiring, interpretive advice ["To get noticed, sometimes you have to paint right under peoples noses."]

Normally, I'd mention the price of this fine colouring book, but that'd be tacky, since my brother-in-law gave it to me for Christmas. I trust it's not excessive. [amazon.co.uk]

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I've been kicking myself for the past two weeks for not buying that book when I saw it in the shop at The Walker last time we were there. Hopefully they still have it next time we go.

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