January 29, 2008

Melinda Beck Did The Awesome Animations For Noggin

My old company used to create TV identity spots and animations, so I may be a little more attuned to them than the average guy, but DAY-UM, Nickelodeon's Noggin channel has some of the greatest animations and interstitial programming of...
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Some Study: Flattery Starts At 4yo

A Chinese-Canadian study published in Developmental Science shows that kids learn to "flatter" around the age of 4. The finding was based on kids in three age groups, 3, 4, and 5, being asked to judge artworks. The 3yo's weren't,...
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Problems Setting Up Your Stokke Or Bugaboo? Call Now, Publicists Are Standing By!

Did you know we live in a "Post-Bugaboo world"? Me neither, but it's in New York Magazine, so it must be true! Writer Faye Penn put nine "status strollers"--ok, technically, there were eight, plus the somewhat Bugaboogish Fisher-Price--through the city's...
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