January 24, 2008

Safe Baby Handling Tips From Wry Baby


It's been out for a couple of years, but Safe Baby Handling Tips is a classic. It's by Kelly and David Sopp, the founders of Wry Baby, and its helpful instructional diagrams will provide literally minutes of raucous, entertaining laughter at a baby shower or in the home of a newborn child.

safe_baby_handling_tv.jpg safe_handling_tips_nursing.jpg

If you're wondering, I think it's a boardbook because a 30-page paperback would be a pretty tough sell at $9.95. And not that thrilling of a gift either. People might think you got it free with your Chick-Fil-A meal. [No, because then it'd have some kind of religious message woven in. Anyway, the boardbook format's just great. Gift away.]

Buy Safe Baby Handling Tips at Amazon [amazon via dt reader chad]
Nice timing: It looks like Jase just found and posted uncredited scans of the entire book. Good thing you don't give webpages as shower gifts. [aboutcolonblank.com via waxy]


arent these the best! The "introducing your pets to the baby" is my favourite!

Frightening, but I know some new parents who ACTUALLY need these tips.

Ah, Wry Baby!

I actually received this onesie with a bottle of scotch when she was born.
From my mom.

(or maybe one of the guys at work...)

However, nothing beats this one for our friends who had twins

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