January 24, 2008

Like-A-Crawligator? Creative Playthings 'Comet' On eBay


The casters are a different color, there doesn't appear to be a box, and it's apparently called 'The Comet,' but otherwise, this 23" long biomorphic spaceship scooterboard looks an awful lot like Creative Playthings' Crawligator.

Either it's the same thing with a different name, a slightly bigger/different version for slightly older kids, or it's one of those whoa-out-of-nowhere surprises, like when the Pegasus showed up and it turned out Galactica wasn't the last Battlestar after all.

EAMES ERA YELLOW COMET CHILD'S RIDE ON TOY SPACESHIP NR, first bid's just $20+13 s/h, auction ends jan. 31 [ebay]
Previously: Crawligator-ing is not a crime!


It also looks like it belongs this page: http://www.myla.com/us/bone-by-tom-dixon-536/category.html

[interestingly enough, the last crawligator sold for about the same price: $400 -ed.]

Whoo! BSG reference! Whoo! So many reasons I love this site!

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