January 24, 2008

Safe Baby Handling Tips From Wry Baby

It's been out for a couple of years, but Safe Baby Handling Tips is a classic. It's by Kelly and David Sopp, the founders of Wry Baby, and its helpful instructional diagrams will provide literally minutes of raucous, entertaining...
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Like-A-Crawligator? Creative Playthings 'Comet' On eBay

The casters are a different color, there doesn't appear to be a box, and it's apparently called 'The Comet,' but otherwise, this 23" long biomorphic spaceship scooterboard looks an awful lot like Creative Playthings' Crawligator. Either it's the same...
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Short Trip? Secret Files Show Stasi Attempt To Drive Mom W/ Two Toddlers Crazy

Unbelievable. Wired has a story about using mesh computing to piece together hundreds of tons of shredded files left behind by the East German secret police, the Stasi. After gaining access to her 60-volume [!] file, one former peace activist...
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The Baby Zebra Skin Rug Is Just The Beginning

So I'm looking at Dwell's new baby zebraskin rug [coming to Target next month, just $180!] and wondering "Seriously, is that somehow not supposed to be a reference to the skin of a baby zebra?" I worried if I...
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Whoa. Dwell Baby Didn't Make Their Own Oeuf Crib [For Target]

The launch of Dwell Studio's new collection for Target is coming up any day now, and I've been stoked to see what the furniture looks like. [I'm sure the bedding is all nice and stylish; honestly, Quilting Frenzy Week...
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