January 23, 2008

Whoa, Dad Made His Own Oeuf Crib

The Crib, originally uploaded by Burton F..

I'm slow to the game, obviously, but I'm too blown away not to mention it. Burton F., a dad in Massachusetts knocked off an Oeuf crib in his basement. Took him about eight weekends and about $400 for the materials--cherry, white oak, and painted birch ply--which, if your time's not worth that much, is a pretty good deal.

He modified the original Oeuf design by adding a sweet hardwood rail, and he threw in a changing table tray--another $200 value. No word yet on a toddler bed conversion kit, but stay tuned.

Check out Oh Dee Doh [formerly Apartment Therapy's Nursery. Have I really been so out of touch?] for a bit of making of details and some more photos.

Mini nursery tour and Burton's homemade crib [ohdeedoh.com]


Dude, that cherry rail on top is sweet. Nice work Burton!

And those crappy IKEA shoe things are perfect for a kids room. Nice idea.

cherry "from a tree cut down by a friend"


Whoa, that's my kid's crib! Wasn't expecting that. Thanks for the mention.

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