January 22, 2008

Hey, When's That Jetta Sportwagon Coming Again?


Last summer, it seems like all anyone could talk about was the coming of the greatest little young family truckster in the world. But now it actually IS 2008, and instead, all we get is wall-to-wall coverage of The Death of The Station Wagon. So where's the advance hype for our potato-profiled Messiah, the all-new, Clean Diesel VW Jetta Sportwagon SportWagen? [oops. it's official. SportWagen with an 'e']

Not ringing any bells? You mean you weren't in Archbold, Ohio last July, where the German noobs gave props to their SportWagen forbears at the American Station Wagon Owners Association National Convention? [above, as seen on zercustom.com]

ASWOA? How do you pronounce that? "ASS-Whoa"? I want to be stoked for them, thank them for keeping the wood paneled flame alive, but instead, their website totally depresses me. It gets me as psyched about station wagons as Slowlane.com gets me for at-home dadhood.

As for the VW, last I heard was some turbos are due "at intro," followed by 2.5L 6's and Clean Diesels "in March." Anyone on the waitlist?

Not the SWOAA: American Station Wagon Owners Association [aswoa.com]
July 2007: VW Jetta Sportwagon: Delayed until 2008! [germancarblog]
Oct 2007 from ASWOA to SEMA: VW Jetta Sportwagon TDI [carmagazine.co.uk]


I really am still considering one but I was a little less than impressed with the interior space when I checked out the Jetta, er, Golf "Variant" at the Tokyo Motor Show... it's essentially the same rear-seat space as a Golf, as all the addtional length seems to be behind the rear wheels. (The interior in generally was kinda lacklustre but that's a pretty normal thing for German cars, it seems...)

I'm a little concerned about fit for rear-facing carseats if we have another baby, in particular; I'm sure you could put one in the middle, but then our toddler seat wouldn't fit in there with it.

I just saw a mention of the "Dieselution" tour by VW and they definitely were showing off a TDI Jetta wagon in a sport configuration. I recall hearing the new engines would be out this summer in both the regular Jetta and Jetta Wagons.

Here's some video similar to what I just saw on TV a couple nights ago (the sportwagon is in the middle of the video):


When we last stopped into our local VW dealership (cunningly disguised as a cafe now) they told us that the diesel wagens will not be in until fall of '08. They laughed at our oh-so humorous suggestion of a waiting list.

They did put down their mocha lattes long enough to tell us that no one will be paying under MSRP for a diesel wagen for a long, long time... no surprises there.

[what's so funny? Audi happily takes your $1000 check and gives you a spot in line. Doesn't VW get the memo? -ed.]

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