January 22, 2008

Baby, You Can Fix My Car: Awesome Black Jumpsuit From Album Di Famiglia


The new kid's still way too small for this, but that's part of the plan. This light cotton jumpsuit is probably a spring/fall outfit, which is why it was marked down like 75% at Takashimaya in December.

There were lots sizes available; Though Album di Famiglia is one of the sweetest, minimalist clothing lines out there, I guess $110 infant car mechanic outfits were not quite the grandma bait Takashimaya had in mind.

Estella, where I first saw AdF, has a brushed cotton version in light grey. They call it a flight suit, it's mostly sold out, and it's not particularly inexpensive, even marked down to $79 [estella-nyc.com]

1 Comment

Those are sweet. I'm all for the nice gear, and I can understand the markups on most of this stuff (and have bought plenty of it), but Estella is just stupid expensive.

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