January 22, 2008

The Least Favorite Floor Puzzle In Free & Independent Papua New Guinea

The kid's been something of a puzzle fanatic for a while now, which gives the grandparents just the in they need to shower her with unbidden gifts. Making the most of it, we've been explaining what states, countries, and...
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VW Routan: "Genuine Dick Ship" To Debut At Chicago Auto Show

While trying to find out details of the new 50-state VW TDi Jetta launch, I stumbled across this bit of news about the new VW Routan, the highly unpromising joint venture minivan which is basically a rebadged Chrysler T&C. Until...
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Hey, When's That Jetta Sportwagon Coming Again?

Last summer, it seems like all anyone could talk about was the coming of the greatest little young family truckster in the world. But now it actually IS 2008, and instead, all we get is wall-to-wall coverage of The...
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Ty Wants To Fight. For His Right. To Keep Selling Lead Toys, Dammit!

As if sucking the brains out of mid-American grandmas with Beanie Baby Mania and spending their life savings buying up ultra-luxury real estate weren't scourge enough, now Ty, Inc. is defying the law, refusing to take its lead-tainted toys...
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Acting Didn't Work Out? LA SAHD Amuses Self, No One Else With Phony Classified Ads

You know you're pathetic when even the bloggers look down at you. A Los Angeles at-home dad [who would be a go-to-work dad if his chosen profession was something besides acting] apparently passes the time by placing totally random classified...
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Bozart Kaleidoscope Doll Houses Will Certainly Be More Expensive Tomorrow

Real estate crisis? What real estate crisis? The market for seven-year-old plastic doll houses has NEVER BEEN HOTTER! If you don't buy today, prices will absolutely be higher tomorrow! And the next day! 100% financing available! Foreign investors are...
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Baby, You Can Fix My Car: Awesome Black Jumpsuit From Album Di Famiglia

The new kid's still way too small for this, but that's part of the plan. This light cotton jumpsuit is probably a spring/fall outfit, which is why it was marked down like 75% at Takashimaya in December. There were...
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"A Working Man And His Adorable Twins," By Seydou Keita

Seydou Keita was the retrospective godfather of African photography. He took his modest portraits of the citizens of Bamako, Mali, in his streetfront photo studio until the country's independence in 1960. Rather than risk confrontation with the government, he...
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