January 21, 2008

Insane Penna. Antique Crib Quilt Would've Cost You $25,000+ Last Summer


Unless, of course, Boston folk art dealer Stephen Score had planned on bidding more. The 40-in. crib quilt is from around 1875, and was apparently never used; it was found in the bottom of a dower chest. It was sold in June 2007 at the auction of the estate of Donald Shelley, longtime curator at the Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, who nevertheless amassed a legendary collection of Pennsylvania antiques and furniture for himself along the way. [He died in 2006.]

Anyway, you may have missed your second chance to snag the quilt; Score showed it at the American Antiques Show this weekend in Chelsea. The NYT didn't mention a price.

I didn't know what an antique crib quilt was until ten minutes ago, but now that I see Kraft Foods is unloading their antique quilt collection today [the 21st], I suddenly feel the urge to buy this quilt called "falling cubes," which to me looks an awful lot like Q*bert. Fortunately, it's only estimated to go for a couple hundred bucks.

American Antiques Show - Review [nyt via andy]
A Pennsylvania Landmark: The Shelley Sale [maineantiquesdigest.com]

636: An American Tumbling Blocks Crib Quilt, 48 x 44, est. $200-400, auction ends Jan. 21, 10AM PST [ebay]

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