January 21, 2008

DT eBay Scoutabout: Fire Sale Edition


Watching the live auctions today has wrought havoc on the ol' browser. In the time since I started trying to post about it, this sweet, vintage Creative Playthings fire station jumped from 99 cents to $21.50, which is more in line with what it should be. These old Playtown buildings are all modular maple goodness, though with the "Fire Station" sign hammered in on the front, it's not quite clear how you're supposed to mix and match with the rest of the town. Nice find, especially with the fire truck included.

Vintage CREATIVE PLAYTHINGS Wood Firehouse Fire Truck, auction ends Jan. 24, currently $21.50+ around $12s/h [ebay]


Playtown is just a nowhere little playbedroom community unless it has an airport. This post CBS-buyout version of the Playtown Airfield is missing the helicopter, but everything else is in excellent shape, including that hangar, which has to be one of my favorite molded ply toys. Clearly, the box sacrificed itself so the toys would be safely collectible later. A moment of silence.

1969 Creative Playthings Wooden Playtown Airfield, auction ends Jan. 24, first bid $20+12s/h [ebay]


Ah, the one that got away. The same Chicago auctioneer who unloaded all of Kraft Foods' antique quilts today also had some furniture for sale. Apparently, it wasn't much of a mid-century modernist crowd, because this vintage Eames RAR rocker sold for just $330 [$275 +22.5% buyer's premium]. the "after Eames" description and the lack of usual details on condition probably helped keep the online bidders away, which let someone in Chi-town get a good deal.

794: After Charles and Ray Eames, A RAR Rocker, sold for just $330 [ebay]

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