January 18, 2008

When Hulk Get Chewed, Hulk Get Choke Hazardy: Stan Lee Tribute Art Exhibition


Gallery1988 is hosting an exhibition of Stan Lee tribute art by some of their indie artist friends. There's lots of mopey goth riffs on Spidey and plenty of Scarlet Witch and Ororo Munroe pin-up fantasies. But there's some sweet, nursery-safe artwork as well. [Chris Reccardi's rendition of Invisible Girl may fit in both those last two categories.]


There are also a few choice plush creations. Jen Rarey's plush Hulk, Thing, and Beast are awesome, but those eyes and glued-on felt pieces do not look chewproof. And anyway, they're one-of-a-kind, so on the shelf they go.


The stylized, stuffed Hulk from Monster Factory, on the other hand, not only looks cuddly, he practically demands a hug. Poor Hulk. Why Hulk look so bummed out?

See all the works in the show [which ends Feb. 1] here, on the world's slowest-loading webpage. [1988stantheman.blogspot.com via notcot]
Jen Rarey's art and plush creations--which are also art!--including Ultraman & Co. High five! [studio-rama.com, under construction]


Monster Factory Hulk look a lot like Sebastian, $40 [monsterfactory.net]

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The Magneto with baby ducks is pretty choice.

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