January 18, 2008

Get It For You Wholesale? eBayer Selling Mod Kid Gear At Unusually Low Prices


Yeah, I could just email Hillsborough, CA eBay seller Noodledoodle.home to see how they're offering new, high-end toys and kids furniture on eBay for seemingly crazylow, non-MSRP prices.

But with the new kid-related caps on my daily typing quota, I probably couldn't get around to posting their reply until next week.

So instead of actual explanations, let's just imagine a virtual Mercedes R-Class has pulled up alongside you at the light. The door's too long to open anywhere except an empty parking lot, so the passenger window slides down, and a virtual dude in a virtual wifebeater calls out, "Hey pal! Wanna buy some Sirch molded ply ride-on toys? Fifty bucks! Psst! Need a Villa Sibi doll house? For you, $400. You like Offi? I got Offi! How about a Like-a-Bike, the real thing, cheap as a Skuut?"

Check out noodledoodle.home's eBay auctions while they last. [ebay via ebay shark andy]


Yeah, I'd bet it "fell off a truck" somewhere.

Well, Hillsborough is a rich little enclave (it's home to the famed 'Flintstone house' which you can see off the 280). Lots of locals sell new stuff on Craigslist. Sometimes the items are gifts or new unused (just opened).

If these were Buy It Now prices, you might have a point. Maybe you should revisit the topic after the auctions end and we see what they really went for.

Great site, by the way.

Today all their prices jumped, some nearly doubled. But hey the shipping is now free!

[those are all new item listings. the batch pictured above ended today. the results: Sirch Flix car: $118. The Like-a-bike Jumper: $119. The Offi Sled Desk: $77. Now they're all MSRP or close to it. -ed.]

The Like-a-Bike jumper ended at $160 (I stopped bidding at $90).

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