January 16, 2008

The Moral Of The Story: Don't Turn Your Back On The eBay

Seriously, do you need any starker proof that you can't let your eyes off the eBay even for one second? Even if it's Christmas?? Even if your wife just gave birth??? Check this out:


eBay seller id.london had a truly spectacular Nanna Ditzel high chair, mint condition, in the original 1970's era box, with the tags still on it [!] which sold last weekend for £310. I seriously contemplated bidding, but didn't. And it wasn't the £100 to ship the thing over that held me back, and it wasn't the 4AM EST Sunday morning end time, either.

It was the annoying knowledge that an identical MIB, WT high chair sold on Christmas Day for just £100. Ouch. So maybe I'll wait for another.


Similarly, the morning after the other kid was born, my email inbox quietly accumulated hundreds of messages I wouldn't see for days/weeks. Such as the one from artist Kevin Skinner, whose awesome Bert revolutionary propaganda posters had sold for like $200+ during his brother's benefit auction.

Turns out Kevin had put another round of artwork up for sale, including another Bert poster [they're from his stash of a handful of prints made before the plate was destroyed.] It's ending price last week: a crisp $5.24, plus shipping. Unbelievable.

Also missed: revolutionary clowns. Awesome, but VV scary.


check out id.london's eBay store and listings [ebay]
check out Kevin Skinner's items for sale on eBay and his groovy portfolio [ebay, creativehotlist]


Burt at that price makes my stomach hurt; I missed the purge.

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