January 16, 2008

Aftermarket Tray For Stokke Tripp Trapp: "Worth Every Kroner"


One of the reasons we love the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair was because it doesn't have a tray; the kid sits right at the table and eats and plays along with the family. It's a dynamic that works well for us, but there are definitely folks who prefer to give a kid a little space of his own. Unfortunately for them, Stokke doesn't offer a tray for the Tripp Trapp, but with 35+ years of Tripp Trapps in the dining rooms of Europe, a few companies have stepped in with aftermarket options.

DT reader Melanie has been keeping me up-to-date on their tryout of the translucent plastic Play Tray from the Danish company, 4mykid. Her verdict: it's "worth every kroner." [Though to be clear, those kroners and euros are probably feeling a bit cheaper to someone spending their newly powerful Candian Dollars.]

For folks stuck with American money, EUR54 - VAT +shipping might seem a little steep. But I seem to remember a wooden tray that used to turn up on eBay.de for like EUR5-10, a big crescent-shaped thing cut from a sheet of matching birch plywood. Didn't have the handy spill-containing lip of the Play Tray, but what do you want for five euros? Aha, there it is, the Clic Clac Tisch fur Stokke Tripp Trapp. Sehr schoen.


Check out Melanie's review and a photo [threebearsandacat]
Check out the EUR54 wondertray at 4mykid.dk [4mykid.dk]


Does the Clic Clac fit all Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs? Even the new North American version?

[good question, the dimensions of the chair itself should be the same; the only difference would be the straps and the slots for them. -ed.]

Is the Clic Clac just held in place by gravity? Couldn't one just rip one of these from a nice sheet of ply?

- CG3

[one could, if one has a ply ripper. I think there are straps that hold it onto the vertical supports, but otherwise, it just slots down onto them. -ed.]

I'm in the US, is there a website I can purchase a tray from?

I'm in the US, is there a website I can purchase a tray from?

any idea if either of the trays fit the stokke 2009 tripp trapp highchair or if there is a website in english to order from?

I have just read the article about the plastic tripp trapp tray,
even though it looks ok its still a bit plastic and does not look right on a timber tripp trapp unlike the clic clac or even the sloppi from kidzmix.co.uk these tray are both made of the same material as Stokke's tripp trapp.
I am suprised that you have no picture of the sloppi?

I am in the USA and really interested in purchasing the Playtray for our Stokke Tripp Trapp. Has anyone been able to find a retailer in the states or can you recommend a retailer in Canada/across the pond that will ship to the US??
Thank you,

can't you order from DK directly?

the plastic tray can be ordered in english, there is a choice for english

Playtray will soon be available in the US.

Playtray is a tray designed for the Stokke highchair. Playtray can be used when eating, playing and drawing and makes life easier for the child as well as its parents. It has an edge that keeps spilled milk from running to the floor when the cup tilts.


I would like to purchase one of your tray's for my Stokke chair, how do I get one? I think you made a great product I was going to try to have something made like this until I found it already existed!

Thank you,


I bought the Play tray plastic tray for daughter's highchair for 400 kr (80$) and I also think it has been worth it!
When my daughter was about one year old, she found out that she could push the chair away from our dining table with her hands and it became a game to her. The tray was a big help to keep her seated and eat properly when she otherwise wouldn't.
Because it's made of plastic (in a very nice and good quality) it is easy to wash and clean. I remove it after each meal and wash it with the rest of the dishes. And it also matches all the different colors of the trip trap highchair.
I fully recommend it.

Darn bad news on the plastic Playtray for those who avoid products containing phthalates, PVC, or bisphenol-a. As you may know there is federal legislation in the works seeking to ban such chemicals from baby, toddler, and feeding products since they have been proven to be endocrine disruptors in animal studies. According to the chemical test report sent to me from their Rep the tray does contain phthalates, Pb, 8 ppm. I would have included the document if I could figure out how to attach it into this comment. For more info on plastic safety see thesoftlanding blog. Know that plastic recycling code #s 2, 4, 5, and only some of the 7's (the compostables for ex.) are safer plastics. So disappointing!


Playtray Rep. wrote:

Hi -

Thank you for your inquiry about our Playtray.

The tray is made of transparent plastic with a non-scratch surface.
Playtray is produced in Denmark. Material :K-Resin RK150 (SBC), which is
FDA approved. Please find attached the US lab report that our product has completed in order to comply with US regulations.

You can order the tray on our website www.playtrayusa.com under "Shop".

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions

Best regards,
Mette Dyhrberg

Playtray Inc
273 Mott Street #2R
New York, NY 10012
917 476 4122


Our tray is completely free of bpa, pvc and phthalates.

First off, the type of plastic used to make the PlayTray, SBC, doesn't use BPA or phthalates or PVC's. SBC is a medical- and food-grade plastic certified by the EU, the FDA, and Health Canada, so whatever phthalate, pvc or bpa legislation is ever passed should have no bearing on the tray.

As for lead, 8 ppm? That is nothing, and more likely to be contamination from the testing process, facility, or packaging. Or the air. As of Aug. 2009, the current limit for lead in kids products is 300ppm, down from 600ppm when the CPSIA went into effect last February. That will drop to 100ppm in 2011.

As someone who's led the reporting on CPSIA, lead, and BPA issues, I can't agree with your characterization of phthalates research or the certainty of the health risk it poses. Don't try to peg me as some sort of petrochemical shill, either; I'm fine with a phthalate ban as a precaution, just based on the existing level of research. But I'm not a fan of half-informed hysterics that wrongly implicate an innocent, well-meaning company which already operates successfully in what I'd consider stricter and more health-conscious regulatory environments than the US.

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