January 15, 2008

Damn Straight, The 'Street's Not For Kids! That Gordon Dude Freaks Me Out!

Yeah, no one's paying too close attention, right? So if I've been posting about vintage Sesame Street for years without actually sitting down to watch the Old School episodes on DVD, no one'd notice, right? BECAUSE HOLY CRAP, WHAT...
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2007 Safety Stories: I Have Some Good News & Some Bad News

First, the good news: Phthalates are still leaching from your kid's vinyl toys, and Bisphenol-A is still leaching from your polycarbonate bottles and the linings of your formula cans! At first, when it was named Worst Science Story of 2007...
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Not As Pungent As Changing Him On The Genius Bar

Supposedly, when asked by a Brooklyn parent why there were no changing tables in the Apple stores [or at least in the SoHo store], Steve Jobs emailed back saying, "There doesn't seem to be a demand for it, and it...
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