January 14, 2008

DTQ: What White Noise Do You Use?

Just about this time last kid, I posted about an ancient [i.e., circa 1996] family remedy for quieting a fussy kid: a CD with a few white noise tracks on it of everyday household items: a vacuum cleaner, running water,...
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NYT/Babycenter: Hotels Not Just For Sleeping Anymore

What, exactly is going on in the next room? Well, if you're at the Parrot Mill Inn B&B in Chatham, New Jersey, it's probably a latenight lactation consultation for frustrated new parents. That's where the $500/night [!] Mommy Nest suite...
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Elle, Yeah! Vik Muniz Knows From Jennifer Delonge

So I was waiting at the 24-hr pharmacy last night filling a codeine prescription [interesting crowd, a lot of people with empty bottles, who apparently believe "no-refill" means "no refill without asking for a refill 600 times"], where I...
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