January 13, 2008

All That And A Bag Of Rice: The Dakigokochi Virtual Baby Simulator/Announcement

To celebrate the birth of a baby in a way that makes it feel like the kid's right there in your arms, a rice shop in the southwestern Japanese city of Kita-Kyushu will send out a customized dakigokochi, a...
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Experts Help Parents, Children, Manage The Private Jet Question

According to New York magazine the two things every wealthy parent wants to know about raising his kids are: how not to raise another Paris Hilton, and how to keep flying private without turning the kid into an over-entitled monster....
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Saul Bass Lets Baby Wander Off Alone Into Solar-Powered Future

After I posted the story about my 2.5-yo brother dumping my newborn sister by the mailbox as he toddled off to play, my mom busted on me a bit, saying I made her sound like a bad parent. I...
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