January 9, 2008

Alright, Great Ironies Of Life, You Win. 150 Wooster Now A Maclaren Showroom

When I moved to New York, 150 Wooster was the glowing hot sun of the celebrity restaurant scene. People were almost freaked out by how instantly hot it was. [We mostly went to Odeon, Brian McNally's other restaurant, but still.]

Then it became Casa La Femme, a eurotrashy tapas place that was a friend's first PR client, so we had to go there a lot at first, to help him out. Casa La Femme closed right before the kid was born, in 2004. 2004-2007 was a little fuzzy.

maclaren buggy in all wood at the mac showroom in soho

Now 150 Wooster is back. As the new Maclaren showroom and stroller repair center. Even though our Volo is missing one of the little caps on the end of the handle, I don't know if I can wrap my head around the concept right now. On the other hand, with all my Daddy Types juice, I bet I could finally get a reservation. Oh, wait, reservations aren't required.

Better to send my father in-law, who snapped photos of the incredible carved wood Maclaren buggy that used to be ensconced in no-photos-allowed splendor in the Maclaren USA HQ in Connecticut. A couple more photos after the jump.

maclaren buggy in all wood at the mac showroom in soho

Yeah, so don't touch the Lacoste stroller, I guess. it's guarded by alligators.

maclaren buggy in all wood at the mac showroom in soho

maclaren buggy in all wood at the mac showroom in soho

Actually, that bottom cross-brace looks a little busted.


Why am I imagining that thing in a blaze of glory?

[keep away from open flame -ed.]

WTF, why is their website completely down for updating? Surely they can do better than, "Visit in the next couple of days"?

Thanks for the tip...150 Wooster is quite close to my in-laws' place and I am jonesing for my Mac to get a tune-up in time for #2's graduation from the car seat carrier.

[no kidding on the website, would it've killed them to leave the old one up while the new one is getting the finishing touches? -ed.]

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