January 6, 2008

Sept Petit Jappy Chaps? Miss Bravi, I Must Protest!


Soledad Bravi is apparently the Sandra Boynton of France, if Boynton also worked for Elle Magazine in addition to drawing cutesy-sweet children's books.

DT's European travel correspondent Darren and his crew picked up a copy of Le Livre des Plus Petits, one of Bravi's many, many boardbooks. How was he to know it was just the one that perfectly captured the casual, racist snobbery Parisians exhibit towards the Japanese tourists who keep their entire freakin' economy afloat? [1]


I thought the book was maybe an old title, from way back in the 90's or something, and that might explain, if not excuse, the stereotype. But no, the pub date is October 2007; this is a classic that's been updated for a fresh, new look. Bien fait.

Acheter une copie of Le Livre des Plus Petits, EUR11.40 wow, expensive [amazon.fr]
Soledad Bravi portfolio site [soledadbravi.com]
Previously: Ten Little Jappy Chaps, belle epoque racist children's book

[1] But not you, Rei Kawakubo or Yohji Yamamoto, you're different.

One more picture after the jump


On the other hand, if those buses aren't actually full of les Chinois and les Coreenes by now, Paris's days as a tourist mecca are numbered.


Wow. I find that distasteful. I guess Soledad Bravi thinks it's never too early to teach stereotypes and such! At least Sandra Boynton hasn't touched that livewire in her books -- we have practically of them at home. Maybe Soledad should illustrate some French people in her books, you know, cocorico, un coq sur un tas de merde.

or they could watch ratatouille..."I hate to be rude, but we're french"

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