January 3, 2008

Sweet, Sweet, Unbuyable Plexi Hospital Bassinet Returns To Taunt Me Once Again


They say it's different the second time, but delivering a kid any time is still a mindblowing experience. And the slight covetous twinge that comes when you set the kid down in the insane stainless and plexi bassinet you didn't manage to buy--again!--IS the same, actually.

New kid and wife and everyone are doing fine, I'm going to get some sleep. Posting may be a little light on Friday.

Previously: that stainless steel & plexiglass bassinet from the hospital


Congratulations Daddy 2.0!

Congratulations! Best wishes to all--what a nice way to start the new year!

Congratulations! It's much easier AND much harder the second time around, somehow. And that plastic bassinet made me laugh - I didn't realize they were the same at EVERY hospital!

Congratulations :O)

Congrats Greg and family... Have fun! Is that a blue hat?

[pink and blue. -ed.]

Mazel Tov Daddy, Mommy, & Big Sister!!!

Does Andy's astute observation mean we're going to be seeing some more posts on circumcision?

P.S. Greg looks like we're on a similar time-frame as our 2nd is due the 29th of Febuary...

[congrats/good luck. the kid is indeed a girl, as expected. so no discussion of circumcision until she gets ready for that jr year in Europe. -ed.]

Congratulations. I'll smoke a cigar in your honor...

Happy New Year indeed! Are you sure you can't buy those cribs? They are strewn everywhere at the hospital that I work at... maybe I can slip one out... I can tell security that it's a teaching prop. Whatever. Congratulations and enjoy your family!


Did you & the Wife ever pick a name? How'd Kid 1.0 react to the 2.0 model? And all these questions about the blue hat... no surprises right? we're still talking girl here?


Mazel Tov from Denver!

(And that looks like the standard hospital issue blue and pink stripy hat to me.)


Congratulations Greg and family! That's awesome; my (slightly late) daughter was due exactly 3 years ago so I remember the anxiety of the "will the kid come on a holiday" thing; glad that it worked out well.

And those bassinets are evil, taunting us with their clear, industrial coolness... shame on the hospitals for pulling our strings at what's an already emotional time! :)

Congratulations Greg!

I agree - the second kid, for us at least, is easier, yet more difficult. He is easier, but dealing with two at once is the tough part. Especially the, "No! I don't want you to hold him! I want you to hold me!!"

Anyhow, congrats, man!

Tried to post to the thread yesterday and was repeatedly thwarted, so thanks for the update.

/wild cheering for kid two, and a "best of luck, buddy, I've been there" to kid one.

congrats! what a blessing to start out the new year. glad mom and baby (and hopefully dad and kid 1.0) are doing well. rest up, papa, you're going to need it!

CONGRATULATIONS. What a great way to start the new year!

Congrats to Daddy Types from a long-time reader.

I had the same experience this December, coveting that bassinet. Between the good looks and real convenience, I would love to have that in the house.

I certainly hope posting will be light today...you'll be a little busy.

Congratulations to you all. Can't wait to see all the new cool baby gear.


Congratulations! What happy news for the new year!

Congrats to you all!

(Favorite part of post announcing the birth of your second child: "Posting may be a little light on Friday." Heh.)

Whee! Big congratulations!

congratulations, sir. and beyond that bassinet, all I can think about is how close you were to a sweet deal on your taxes.

Congratulations! What a great start to the new year!

congrats! i'm wondering if my name made it to the short list again?



Just look at that sweet little thing! No, not the bassinet (though it is cool), I mean the swaddled-up little baby burrito. They are amazing fresh out, aren't they?! Big congrats on #2's safe arrival!

FELICITATIONS, papa! Glad to hear everyone's doing well. Get some rest!

Mazel Tov!! Another addition to the family. I guess in reading the postings most are wondering gender and name of 2.0.

I'll be in the same boat in June. Any ideas about stroller/trams for two???

Best of luck to you, 1.0, 2.0 and the Mrs.

Many blessings.

Eric J.
Minneapolis, MN

Congrats, Mr. DT! No start crafting that hospital beanie into a "Yo Gabba Gabba" hat.

Congratulations and best wishes for all of you, though I am a bit disturbed by your bassinet desire in light of everything else.

Note to Eric J:
The maclaren double is working wonderfully for us.

If only the kid had arrived three days earlier you would have had that nice tax deduction :)

Way to go Mommytypes!

yay! congrats!

Congratulations to your family!

The plexi is probably unavailable, but a see-through storage bin is very similar ;)

(what they all said)

Plus, here's a cheaper deal on the bassinet, used of course. $250.


Congrats DT. Couldn't you just slip one of those clear bassinets in your bags when you leave?


Our own little bundle of joy (number 3) was born on 1/1/08. And I did try to figure out a way to sneak the bassinet out -- the room did have a window that opened into a courtyard -- but they probably would have noticed at some point. Probably when my husband was picking me up in the Prius with the other two kids and the dog. The bassinet would not have fit into the hatchback with the Lab mix.

[yeah, I already joked about my bassinetlifting to the nurse, so I'm sure they put out the alert on me. Besides, our plexi has a crack in it, so it's a little suboptimal. also, the cart would never fit into the trunk. I'll keep an eye on the web instead. Also, congratulations. 1/1 bday is an awesome way to make sure your new year's parties doesn't suck. -ed.]

Enjoy! Now that you have two you can now say things about raising kids and claim to be an expert. Well, at least around people who only have one, just don't make friends with anyone who has more than two kids! Congrats!


Can you at least give us a hint of the name?

[mom? is that you? I told you we're working on it... -ed.]

Mazel tov! Looks like your 2008 is starting out great!
Much joy to you and your family -


Now stop wasting all your time on those girls and find me a cool baby walker... geez...

good on ya greg and mommytype. hope all is smooth. i am bouncing 8wk old #2 to sleep as i type.

With a resource like this, you're still waiting on names?


[yeah, I want to put "la" in front of EVERY name, my wife only wants to put it in front of the first name. -ed.]

congrats, greg!!

auguri! congratulations to you and your family! looking forward to reading dt and all the new stuff you'll come up with for baby2!! best wishes to you all...

Well done, sir.


i thought the same about the plexi bassinet in the hospital, so mod. why doesn't someone make them?

Omedeto-gozaimasu to you and your family \(^^)/

Congrats, sir. One word for you: Joovy Tandem Ultralight.

Holy Cats! Lots of Congrats! (What you couldn't stuff the cart in your going away bag like you do everything else?)

Congratulations! Maggie had to give me the heads up since my 2nd still isn't sleeping through the night at 5 months and I'm too addled to read blogs....of course this will NEVER happen to you! Wishing you all the best.

check out the feb issue of Cookie in the Paris article, p. 128, there is a picture from inside the bonpoint store of some really nice looking plexi bassinets, maybe these are what are used in french hospitals? They do lack the storage/cart aspect of the US ones.

Belated congratulations!

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