January 3, 2008

OG Hardwood Block Wagon By John Michael Linck

You gotta love the wood guys, the kind who track innovation and progress in terms of the number and species of hardwoods curing in the shed.

John Michael Linck's big, pushalong box in black cherry ["and hickory dowels"!] is full of gorgeous red oak blocks. Everything's planed and rounded and finished with sunflower/walnut oil finish, and is designed to teach your kid to walk as well as become an architect.

The things you find on flickr these days.

Block Wagon, $315, Blocks No Wagon, $170 [woodentoy.com]



Oddly enough, Grandpa gave the Turtle one of these, but I'm not sure it's from the same source. My 1st son never really got into building with them until recently. The cart + blocks weigh a ton, but it's heavy mass helped our second son learn to walk.

All in all, these blocks are a fantastic item. I fully expect that my boys will be able to pass them on to another generation.

Love it!
Yes it's expensive, but good blocks are and if I've learned anything in preschool (working that is) it's that children play more with these plain wooden blocks than just about anything else in the classroom.

Another great resource is Communityplaythings.com
That is where the preschool I taught in last semester bought nearly all of their furnishings, blocks, play kitchen, etc...

It's gorgeous furniture. I'm in love with the dramatic play (or "pretend" kitchen/house) items. So much better than your typical little tikes!

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